Why Titan?

Who Are We?

TITAN GROUP NEW YORK was created to help connect landlords to potential tenants. As a fully integrated real estate firm, we specialize in the utilization of market studies, advertising, technology, and social media; bringing about successful ventures and long-lasting relationships.


Our top priority here at TITAN is to ease the leasing process for future tenants and landlords. We appreciate the trust you put in us.

We are committed to working honestly, ethically, and diligently and are ready to tackle any and all tasks. Please do not hesitate to reach out, we are happy to help you navigate the journey that is NYC leasing!

Our main priority is YOU!

What Makes Us Different?

TITAN is a combination of established real estate professionals and ambitious young hustlers. With prior experience in commercial leasing, residential leasing, investment sales, and property management, we have an extensive pool of knowledge across the real estate field.

Our Team

Tyler Zar
Tyler ZarCo-Founder / Principal Broker
Tyler Zar is the Co-Founder and Principal Broker of TITAN GROUP NEWYORK. With experience in management and leasing, Tyler has a unique understanding of both landlord and tenant perspectives. He believes that hard and honest work yields success. Tyler’s focus will be optimizing the leasing process for landlords and tenants alike by integrating new real estate software. He is confident that TITAN GROUP will continue to be the bridge between landlords and tenants.
Tanner Zar
Tanner ZarCo-Founder / Director of Leasing
Tanner Zar serves as the Co-Founder & Director of Commercial Leasing at TITAN GROUP NEWYORK. With over five years of real estate experience, Tanner’s expertise combines unique problem solving with tremendous interpersonal communication skills. Tanner stresses the importance of understanding his clients wants and needs, translating to many fruitful business relationships and successful leases. He has successfully executed commercial and residential leases across the five boroughs and is determined to continue to grow.
Adam Lavian
Adam LavianCo-Founder / Director of Commercial Leasing
Adam Lavian is the Co-Founder & Director of Commercial Leasing at TITAN GROUP NEWYORK. Mr. Lavian has been in the real estate industry for over six years being involved with multiple brokerages during that time. He began his career in residential leasing where he spent his first two years and has been in commercial leasing for the past four years. Having executed deals both representing tenants and landlords, Adam knows exactly what it takes to succeed. He specializes in connecting landlords with the right tenants for their spaces throughout New York City.